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The Bicoastal Media Northwest Stream above combines the best of several Bicoastal Radio Shows on one stream! Not to mention, if you missed the Wake Up Call, don't worry, it replays later in the day from 2-5pm.

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Below is a handful of interviews from the Wake Up on them and check them out!


10.19.12. James Roddey on natural disasters, disaster preparation, renewable energy:


11.2.12. Interview with Tom Turner, Lane County Sheriff, Oregon:


7.16.12. Shawn Henry, former executive assistant director of the criminal cyber response and services of the FBI, and President of Crowd Strike:


11.8.12. Interview with Ian Ruskin, British Actor:


10.23.12. John Lively, running for Oregon State Representative 2012:


10.22.12. Joe Pishioneri, running for Oregon State Representative 2012:


11.6.12. Interview with Keith Hall, former Commissioner of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):


7.5.12. Interview with Gary Conley, Capitol Group Inc, Eugene, OR on topics such as the Affordable Healthcare Act:


7.11.12. Interview with Dr. Pilar Bradshaw, Pediatrician.


7.13.12. Interview with Dr. Jan Hawkin, documentary filmmaker and clinical psychiatrist on PTSD and military psychology:


7.5.12. Interview with Kate Snow, NBC Rock Center Correspondent, on babies born addicted to pain killers: