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Below is a handful of interviews from the Wake Up on them and check them out!

10.19.12. James Roddey on natural disasters, disaster preparation, renewable energy:


11.2.12. Interview with Tom Turner, Lane County Sheriff, Oregon:


7.16.12. Shawn Henry, former executive assistant director of the criminal cyber response and services of the FBI, and President of Crowd Strike:


11.8.12. Interview with Ian Ruskin, British Actor:


10.23.12. John Lively, running for Oregon State Representative 2012:


10.22.12. Joe Pishioneri, running for Oregon State Representative 2012:


11.6.12. Interview with Keith Hall, former Commissioner of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):


7.5.12. Interview with Gary Conley, Capitol Group Inc, Eugene, OR on topics such as the Affordable Healthcare Act:


7.11.12. Interview with Dr. Pilar Bradshaw, Pediatrician.


7.13.12. Interview with Dr. Jan Hawkin, documentary filmmaker and clinical psychiatrist on PTSD and military psychology:


7.5.12. Interview with Kate Snow, NBC Rock Center Correspondent, on babies born addicted to pain killers: