Auction Pre-Register

PRE-REGISTRATION FOR THE UPCOMING RADIO AUCTION is now OPEN. Pre-register for the Radio Auction! DEADLINE: March 9th What does this mean exactly? Well it will help speed up the bidding process for you during the auction! Instead of having to give your full name and phone number during the auction, you'll be assigned a bidder number which you'll use instead. This comes in especially handy on those quick sale items, when it gets down to the wire and there's only a few items left and the calls come flooding'll be able to give your bidder number rather than your full name and phone number. It's great for the auction veteran and beginner alike! And especially good for anyone who plans to purchase multiple items during the auction!Make bidding easy and quick. Register for a VIP number today! Note: If you signed up during a previous auction, use the same number. Reminder e-mails will be sent prior to the auction confirming your number. If you don't get something from us, call us at 541.485.1120 and we'll confirm it over the phone.