• BMW, UK car industry say Britain needs to keep tariff-free EU trade January 17, 2017
    By Costas Pitas LONDON (Reuters) - Britain should retain tariff-free access to the European Union's single market, Germany's BMW said on Tuesday, while a UK car industry body called for participation in the EU's customs union to hold onto trade after Brexit. In a major speech on Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May said that Britain […]
  • Nicodemo Scarfo, ex-Philadelphia mob boss, dies in prison January 17, 2017
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo, whose reign over the Philadelphia Mafia in the 1980s was one of the bloodiest in its history, has died at a federal medical center in North Carolina. He was 87.
  • Official: Nigeria mistakenly bombs camp, kills more than 100 January 17, 2017
    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — A Nigerian state official says an Air Force fighter jet on a mission against Boko Haram extremists has mistakenly bombed a refugee camp, killing more than 100 refugees and wounding aid workers.
  • Kyrgyzstan searches for more victims at plane crash site January 17, 2017
    Kyrgyzstan was observing a national day of mourning on Tuesday as rescuers searched for more bodies in the wreckage of a cargo plane that crashed into a village outside the capital. Authorities in the ex-Soviet Central Asian country have blamed pilot error for Monday's crash of a plane operated by ACT Airlines, a Turkish cargo […]
  • Czech boars still radioactive 31 years after Chernobyl January 17, 2017
    PRAGUE (AP) — An agency in the Czech Republic says about a half of all wild boars in the country's southwest are radioactive and considered unsafe for consumption due to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.